Doctor Referrals

Doctor Referral: PT Prescription

Tennessee has direct access which permits a patient to be evaluated by a physical therapist without a physician referral.  If you would like to be treated without a physician’s referral, you may be referred to a physician for further diagnostic testing or evaluation.

If you are under the direct care of a physician, your initial evaluation and clinically signficant findings will be communicated with your physician.

Although it is not a requirement by the state of TN to have a physician’s referral for physical therapy, some insurance companies require a doctor’s referral. Please contact your insurance provider to find out if your plan requires a physician referral for reimbursement prior to starting treatment.

New York State law requires that you secure a prescription for Physical Therapy from your primary care physician or a specialist (can be from MD, DO, Dentist, Nurse, or Midwife). Therefore, if you plan to submit to insurance for reimbursement, please call your provider to determine if your insurance company requires a doctor’s referral.