Tennessee has direct access which permits a patient to be evaluated by a physical therapist without a physician referral.  If you would like to be treated without a physician’s referral, you will be referred to a physician for further diagnostic testing or evaluation.

If you are under the direct care of a physician, your initial evaluation and clinically signficant findings will be communicated with your physician.

Although it is not a requirement by the state of TN to have a physician’s referral for the first few visits of physical therapy care, some insurance companies require a doctor’s referral. Please contact your insurance provider to find out if your plan requires a physician referral for treatment.



New York State law requires that you secure a prescription for Physical Therapy within 30 days of treatment from your primary care physician or a specialist (can be from MD, DO, Dentist, Nurse, or Midwife). If you plan to submit to insurance for reimbursement, please call your provider to determine if your insurance company requires a doctor’s referral for physical therapy care.