Myofascial Release is an Osteopathic-based therapy utilizing gentle stretches of the connective tissue, or fascia, to release abnormal tissue tensions. Myofascial Release is effective at restoring motion and provides acute and chronic pain relief.

Fascia is considered the governing layer of the body, which surrounds and connects every muscle, bone, nerve, organ, and blood vessel as one continuous unit of tissue throughout the body. By smoothing out fascia that may be inhibiting the proper functioning of nerves, blood vessels, and organs, Myofascial Release often enhances the functioning of the nervous system, increases circulation, and improves the way our organs work.

Additionally, one of the key approaches to treating misaligned muscle or bone that may be causing adverse symptoms is to treat the fascia surrounding those areas since it shapes the position and function of the musculoskeletal system.

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Typically, Myofascial pain does not resolve on it’s own despite self care techniques such as rest, ice, heat, and pain medications. This is due to the simple fact that tissue will often bunch up into tight spots that the body can’t dissipate naturally. Pharmaceutical pain medications and basic self-help first aid may relieve the pain temporarily, but it ultimately will not be able to release the 3-D fascial restrictions. When these restrictions go untreated for long periods of time, there is often a spider web like strain pattern in various directions making the symptoms even worse over time.

Fascial restrictions can manifest in the body for various reasons including acute stress and strain from physical and emotional trauma, postural imbalances, or from repetitive strain on the body. These symptoms are often referred to as Myofascial pain syndrome. The goal of Myofascial Release in our Nashville, TN practice is to relieve these fascial restrictions through manual therapy by gently gliding, stretching and smoothing out the different layers of tissue, in order to normalize the tensions between the musculoskeletal system and these fascial layers.

When the fascia is free and clear of restrictions, our body has better range of motion, and in turn, we are more equipped to be active in life and have fun engaging in exercise, outdoor activities, and all that comes with an active lifestyle.


When our fascia develops restrictions or scar tissue from injury, poor postural habits, or repetitive strain, the tissue will tighten and contract to create painful pressure on our nerves, muscles, bones, or organs to create Myofascial Pain. This affected area will often feel like a “knot” or tight muscle and will be sensitive to the touch locally when pressed. This tender or tight area is sometimes referred to as a trigger point and can refer pain to various other regions of the body that may have different symptoms.

A referred symptom from a trigger point may not seem to have an obvious connection, especially since the symptom may be located in a different region in the body far away from this localized tender point. However, a trained professional in Myofascial Release in Nashville can provide Myofascial pain relief by locating the trigger points and all the associated regions of pain by mobilizing and stretching the fascia to restore the elasticity, mobility and pain free movement.