Dance and Performance Injuries

Dance and Performance Injuries Treatment in Nashville, TN

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Steve Kravitz is a miracle worker. My husband and I both have experienced his magic touch. He literally fixed years of pain in my neck and hip after several in depth treatments. Now I go for monthly maintenance plus the occasional extra session when i torque myself out. His in depth knowledge of the body is amazing, and he has a terrific bedside manner. He has our utmost recommendation to anyone experiencing chronic pain or even the occasional pain that arises.
— Tracy A.

●      Symptoms -

In most cases, the pain felt after dancing is muscle soreness that typically subsides within 24 to 48 hours. Sometimes, it may take a few days for muscles to get sore. However, if you experience pain that wakes you up at night, is present at the start of an activity, or pain that makes you shift your weight or otherwise compensate your movements, you may have suffered an injury.


●      Causes of Dance and Performance Injuries -

Dance may look effortless, but it tends to require a lot of strength, flexibility and stamina. It also comes with a high risk of injuries. Whether you are a dancer, the parent of a dancer, or dance teacher, it’s important to become aware of the most common dance injuries. Dance can be a physically demanding activity. Dancers perform repetitive movements for several hours a day. Hip injuries, foot and ankle injuries, stress fractures, and knee injuries are all common injuries among dancers. On top of the intensive training, many dancers get little time to recover between the sessions and have no “off season.” Restrictive diets and unhealthy body weights may also contribute to dance injuries. Proper nutrition is important for dancers of all ages.

●      How to Get Relief -

Manual therapy interventions are found to be very beneficial for dance and performance injuries. Dr. Steve Kravitz provides a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare using techniques of joint mobilization, deep tissue mobilization, and muscular retraining that is uniquely tailored to relieve patient's specific problems overtime. Each treatment is gentle and non-invasive, focusing on releasing the tension and discomfort and aiding in ultimate relief. The benefits from treatment can strengthen the functioning of our nervous system, increase circulation throughout our body, and improve the way our organs work.


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Dr. Steve Kravitz of Steve Kravitz Physical Therapy provides a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare in order to ensure the highest quality care for patients in Nashville, Tennessee and New York, New York. Treatments are a unique, personalized approach to Physical Therapy which has been developed over twenty years to aid in ultimate relief.

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