Foot Pain

Foot Pain Treatment in Nashville, TN

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●      Symptoms -

Patients report restriction in movement in the foot such as the ability to bring the foot up, foot heaviness, or difficulty walking on tiptoes. Typically, these symptoms relate to the lower back. However, patients who experience pinched nerves will feel leg pain associated with the foot. Foot pain without any association with leg pain is usually due to a problem localized in the foot itself.


●      Common Causes -

Injuries, overuse, and conditions causing inflammation of the bones, ligaments, or tendons in the foot can create foot pain. While there are several causes of foot pain, not all foot pain originates in your toes, foot, or back of your foot. Trauma or injury to the foot are also not always the underlying cause of foot pain. Often times, many types of pain in the foot may have nothing to do with the foot or leg, rather a problem in the lower back.


●      How to Get Foot Pain Relief -

Manual therapy is found to provide patient’s a significant reduction in pain and increased ability of movement. Dr. Steve Kravitz provides a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare using techniques of joint mobilization, deep tissue mobilization, and muscular retraining that is uniquely tailored to relieve patient's specific problems overtime. Each treatment is gentle and non-invasive, focusing on releasing the tension and discomfort in a patient’s foot and aiding in ultimate relief. The benefits from treatment can strengthen the functioning of our nervous system, increase circulation throughout our body, and improve the way our organs work.

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Dr. Steve Kravitz of Steve Kravitz Physical Therapy provides a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare in order to ensure the highest quality care for patients in Nashville, Tennessee and New York, New York. Treatments are a unique, personalized approach to Physical Therapy which has been developed over twenty years to aid in ultimate pain relief.

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