Whiplash and Motor Vehicle Accidents

Whiplash and Motor Vehicle Accidents Treatment in Nashville, TN

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Absolutely phenomenal. Kind, intuitive, grounded, wonderfully talented and extremely knowledgeable. He is the rare gem; the practitioner who when you visit you can completely trust and who inspires confidence. He has the ability to read your physical and energetic symptoms but also has a giant toolbox of different modalities which he seamlessly uses. He gave suggestions, exercises and information that would mean I am not reliant on him or going for repeated follow-ups. I have a severely torn labrum and a lot of referred pain. When I left Steve, and still three days later, the pain had lessened by 50%. When I left, I felt a tranquility and relief from pain that stayed with me for days. If you have to wait, it’s worth it. He’s a maestro.
— Philomena P.

Whiplash and Motor Vehicle Accidents

●      Symptoms -

Whiplash occurs when the neck and head are suddenly forced backward and then forward, putting your cervical spine through quick motions and extreme stresses.  The most common symptom to accompany whiplash is neck pain, which can range anywhere from mild to pins-and-needles tingling to unbearable. Other symptoms are neck stiffness or reduced range of motion, neck instability, shoulder and/or upper back pain, or headache. Tingling, weakness, or numbness that radiates into the shoulder and/or down the arm can also occur.

●      Common Causes of Whiplash -

Most cases are caused by car accidents where a patient has been rear-ended. Other potential causes include high-impact activities where extreme-deceleration forces might be applied to your cervical spine.


●      How to Get Relief -

Manual therapy is found to provide patient’s a significant reduction in pain and increased ability of movement. Dr. Steve Kravitz provides a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare using techniques of joint mobilization, deep tissue mobilization, and muscular retraining that is uniquely tailored to relieve patient's specific problems overtime. Each treatment is gentle and non-invasive, focusing on releasing the tension and discomfort and aiding in ultimate relief. The benefits from treatment can strengthen the functioning of our nervous system, increase circulation throughout our body, and improve the way our organs work.


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Dr. Steve Kravitz of Steve Kravitz Physical Therapy provides a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare in order to ensure the highest quality care for patients in Nashville, Tennessee and New York, New York. Treatments are a unique, personalized approach to Physical Therapy which has been developed over twenty years to aid in ultimate relief.

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