Know Pain, Know Gain: How Myofascial Release Can Help Relieve Chronic Neck Pain


By Steve Kravitz, PT, DPT, CST

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“This knot in my neck will not let up!” 

Is this you?   

Over 100 million of Americans suffer from chronic neck pain and many report the discomfort can feel never-ending and often times unbearable.  In fact, pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined. And what’s more, millions of Americans overlook the pain holding onto hope that it will ease up one day all on its own.

I have good news and bad news.

The good news is that you’ve accomplished the first step, you’ve recognized the pain you are feeling.

The bad news?  

Overlooking this pain typically does not let up on its own despite self-care such as rest, ice, heat, or pain medications. But don’t fret, there is an opportunity to feel better with the help of myofascial release.


How Myofascial Release Can Help Relieve Chronic Neck Pain:  


Myofascial release is a gentle and non-invasive approach to treating your pain

What is myofascial release?  Essentially through light-touch and gentle stretches of the connective tissue, also known as fascia, it becomes possible to release abnormal tissue tensions that may be causing pain or stiffness.  To better illustrate this, I liken this to ironing the wrinkles out of a shirt.  I can release the tension you feel in your neck by gently gliding, stretching, and smoothing out the different layers of tissues to create more movement and less pain.

It’s effective at restoring neck motion and providing acute and chronic pain relief

To take a closer look, fascial restrictions can surface in the body for various reasons including acute stress and strain from physical and emotional trauma, postural imbalances, or from repetitive strain on the body. These symptoms are often referred to as Myofascial pain syndrome. The goal of this is to relieve these fascial restrictions through manual therapy by gently smoothing out the different layers of tissue, to normalize the tensions between the musculoskeletal system and these fascial layers. When the fascia is free and clear of restrictions, our body has better range of motion, and in turn, we are more equipped to be active in life and have fun engaging in exercise, outdoor activities, and all that comes with an active lifestyle.

Myofascial Release and Physical Therapy can relieve you of chronic neck pain

The benefits from the treatment of myofascial release and healthy fascial tissue strengthens the functioning of our nervous system, increases circulation throughout our body, and improves the way our organs work. The long term effects of myofascial release can conquer the chronic neck pain you feel and increase your overall quality of life by restoring your mobility, elasticity, and movement.

Myofascial Release is just one part of a unique, personalized approach to Physical Therapy which has been developed over twenty years by Dr. Steve Kravitz of Steve Kravitz Physical Therapy.  To learn more about how Myofascial Release can help you with your pain, contact us or read more on our blog.

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