The Secret to Putting Digestive Stress to Rest on Halloween


Halloween might be scary, but that doesn’t mean your digestive health has to be.

Americans are estimated to spend $2.7 billion alone this year on Halloween candy. It should come as no surprise to hear how negatively sugar impacts our body, yet this time of the year can still be a challenge for many of us. The effects of sugar come about because of how our body digests and then utilizes it. In other words, your sweet tooth may have an effect on more than just your waistline. The caffeine in chocolate may trigger heartburn and IBS symptoms if you are susceptible to digestive disorders. So what’s the secret? These pointers can help you avoid eating too much candy and help put your digestive stress to rest this Halloween.


Buy What You Like Least

Purchasing candy you don’t enjoy is a simple way of preventing yourself from eating the leftover candy. You are more likely to reduce the urge of indulging in what’s left after Halloween is over on candy you dislike.


Eat Beforehand

It can be difficult to avoid sugar cravings if you’re hungry and haven’t consumed enough to keep your blood sugar in balance. By eating protein and fiber-rich meals, you may feel less tempted to indulge in a dinner consisting of only Snickers and Reese’s.  If you eat a piece of fruit, the natural sugars can often satisfy your craving for the simple sugars in candy.  Avoiding the temptation all together can open the door for overeating whenever your willpower begins to dwindle. If you do need to satisfy a sugar craving and can’t resist eating candy, choose dark chocolate. It’s packed with nutrients including fiber that can positively affect your health and promote a healthy digestion.


Be Mindful

Halloween can really bring on the temptation to mindlessly overeat the candy that seems to be omnipresent in the week following, so if you do happen to indulge, don’t stress or dwell on the negativity.  Sometimes denying yourself the simple pleasure of having a piece of candy or two may weigh more on the psyche than the minor damage of actually indulging in eating some candy. There is always time the next day where you can regroup and have a nutritious and filling breakfast packed with fiber, protein, and fruit in the morning to make up for any overeating that may have occurred.  


If you happen to overindulge and your digestive tract flares up, Visceral Manipulation is a type of treatment that can help settle the digestive system.  Visceral Manipulation is just one part of a unique, personalized approach to Physical Therapy which has been developed over twenty years by Dr. Steve Kravitz of Steve Kravitz Physical Therapy.  To learn more about how Visceral Manipulation can help you,  contact us or read more on our blog.

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